Constituent Asks Jack Franks for Help on MCC Baseball Stadium Project

One of Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks’ constituents has asked for his assistance in slowing down the Illinois Community College Board’s rush to approve McHenry County College’s proposed Frontier League team baseball stadium. Frontier is headquartered in Troy, Illinois.

Indeed, “Hush, Hush, Hush; Rush, Rush, Rush” seems to be the order of the day with this $35 million non-referendum borrowing.

Dated last Friday, the letter writer, who prefers to remain unidentified on McHenry County Blog, asked Franks

“for assistance in receiving answers to some questions I have about McHenry County College’s expansion plans, particularly the inclusion of a stadium.”

The letter points out that the project “raise(s) tax implications for all District 528 residents, as well as possible violations of the Community College Act.”

The following specific assistance is request:

“To request the Illinois Community College Board’s CEO to withhold ICCB approval of the expansion/capital development project until certain questions have been satisfactorily answers; and

“To determine whether the Community College Act and the ICCB’s Administrative Rules have been violated.”

The letter goes on to point out the non-referendum nature of borrowing ($36 million) and points out that the project

”…represent(s) a diversion of public funds and properties from the college’s offering a more rigorous educational curriculum more in keeping with its statutory obligations.”

It concludes by asking for the public to “be given the opportunity to have several questions about the proposed expansion answered satisfactorily by MCC’s administration and the experts it has hired before Mr. (Jeff) Obrzut issues his letter and before this expansion proceeds any further.”

No other community college subsidizes a minor league baseball team.

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