"Randi Scheurer’s Husband Will Not Run"


That’s what subject line was on the email that contained the press release below.

Naturally, anyone interested in things political is going to wonder why.

After all, Bill Scheurer started this crusade against 8th congressional district Congresswoman Melissa Bean.

Getting more than the 5% of the vote needed to get on the ballot again under his “Moderate Party” label, the peace candidate came up with a two-pronged strategy to turn Bean’s less than stellar Iraq War votes—from his point of view.

His wife Randi would run in the Democratic Party primary against Bean and he would run in the general election.

Now a headline that says,


What that all about?

Read the press release and smile with me:


Independent candidate Bill Scheurer says he will not run against his wife Randi Scheurer if she wins the Democratic Party primary on February 5, 2008.

In 2006, Bill Scheurer ran as the independent Moderate Party candidate in the general election, getting over 5% of the vote and earning that party a guaranteed ballot slot for 2008. He was expected to run again under that banner in the November 2008 election.

However, his wife Randi is running in the Democratic Party primary as a peace candidate opposed to the war in Iraq. She was a key force in her husband’s 2006 campaign, which established the independent Moderate Party, dedicated to the issue of peaceful security.

“Our sole purpose in the Moderate Party is to elect peace candidates,” says the husband. “Randi can win the general election next November and go to Washington to represent us as our next Congresswoman. All she has to do is win the primary.”

It is a stated policy of the independent Moderate Party to only run its own candidate in the general election if there is no other peace candidate on the ballot in November.

Randi Scheurer is a strong antiwar activist. “I will end this tragic war, and prevent the next one,” she says. “People can count on me to stand up for peace.”

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We should expect humor from this pair.

After all, they came up with McBeaney last year.

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