Message of the Day – A Color

I’m colorblind to some extent, so help me on this one.

This tee shirt looks yellow to me, but someone told me it was yellow-green.

In any event, it is bright.

So my family can find me when we go to Disney World, I try to take enough yellow shirts to make it through the week.

There is a political message on this tee shirt, but I found something that might be even more interesting that is related to my Disney World experience.

Once parents see how well children wearing them stand out, they ask this political group where they can buy one like it.

The result is non-political people’s kids walking around with a political message and the political group makes money on the advertising.

It rather reminds me of the product-related tee shirts that people buy.

I avoid them. I figure if a company wants free advertising, they can pay me.

And the message on the tee shirt?

It’s a political action committee set up to opposed the forces of long-time Kendall County Republican boss Dallas Ingemunson. Probably their most significant victory was when now-Kendall County State’s Attorney Eric Wise defeated Ingemunson’s son in the 2004 GOP primary election.

I found out about the group while preparing this story. It mentions Keith Wheeler, one of the group’s leaders, as a possible candidate to replace State Rep. Pat Lindner.

If you have been following McHenry County Blog’s Messages of the Day, you might guess that I saw these tee shirts at State Senator Chris Lauzen’s Porky Picnic.

The Kendall County State’s Attorney, among a fair number of others from Kendall County were at the affair. You can see Wise shaking hands with Lauzen here. Wise is wearing a more subdued–at least to my red-green colorblind eyes–red shirt. He has not only a name tag, but his name sewn onto his shirt.

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