Minuteman Leader Speaks Out About Cancelled Meeting

The following was received from Rosanna Pulido, the director of the Illinois Minuteman Project:

If you are not outraged you aren’t paying attention.

Where do we go from here?

The residents of Crystal Lake have only heard one side of the story!

The Holiday Inn’s side.

I must admit I was taken aback to read their account of the series of events that they say took place concerning the Sheriff Beck Immigration conference.

More will be revealed in the coming weeks.

I have heard from many fine citizens and the outrage they have because those who we have voted in to serve the people have forgotten where their allegiance should lie. It is simply to the rule of law and the principles they promised to uphold.

After reading about the sensitivity training junkets taken by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Keith Nygren’s Dept, the States Attorney Lou Bianchi, the Woodstock mayor and others, I decided to work with Judicial Watch out of Washington D.C. I filed a freedom of information act request to find out the particulars of the trip and, you can guess that I did not receive have of the information I requested. It also makes me wonder if the events that have taken place in Crystal Lake are backlash.

What should be the reaction of the fine citizens in Crystal Lake and McHenry County?

Elections will be coming up soon and we must know where every candidate stands on Illegal Immigration. We must make our informed choices at the ballot box. We must take responsibility for what is happening to the land of the free and home of the brave. We must get out of our comfort zone and get politically active.

I have met a police chief named Garret Chamberlain and a Sheriff named Daniel Beck who are American Heroes.

They have taken an oath of office to protect American citizens. They have throw political correctness out the window. Their insight and excellence in dealing with illegal immigration must be shouted from the roof tops.

We must be choosing Men and Women like them who have integrity and an allegiance to the Citizens of the United states. I urge the Citizens of Crystal lake to contact the Illinois Minuteman Project and join us as we take the next step to take back cities, state and country.

Rosanna Pulido, Director
Illinois Minuteman Project

Illinois Spokesperson
You Don’t Speak for Me
American Hispanics against Illegal Immigration

There’s even a blog.

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