Comments on Canceled Crystal Lake Minuteman Meeting

For some reason the folks over at Illinois Review are more active commenters than those at McHenry County Blog.

I posted two articles on the cancellation of the Crystal Lake Minuteman meeting and the substitute demonstration and there were comments aplenty. I thought some might find them of interest.

Here are the comments for the article,

Crystal Lake –
the Town Where You
Can Have Free Speech,
If You Have Enough Money


To put the unconstitutional activity of the yahoo government of Crystal Lake into its proper context, we need only think back to the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Back then when the Rev. Martin Luther King was threatening to demonstrate for open housing in Chicago and Cicero, Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley threatened him with arrest, because white segregationists may have become unruly in their counter demonstrations.

The racist government of the Town of Cicero actually arrested Rev. King because his insistence on asserting his constitutional rights was provoking unruly racists to protest him.

The Government of Cicero tried to silence the civil rights demonstration because of the anticipated reaction of racist counter demonstrators.

I ask you. How are the bigots of the illegal alien advocacy cabal any different than the racist bigots who tried to silence Dr. King?

How is the yahoo government of Crystal Lake 2007 any different than the yahoo racist government of Cicero 1967?

Incidentally, where is the ACLU’s protest on behalf of the civil rights of the Minutemen?

Posted by: politwriter | Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 11:02 PM

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Next came the op-ed piece from Rosana Pulido, Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project,, 773-250-3399.

It was published yesterday, except for this P.S.:

We are still searching for a venue in the Crystal Lake/McHenry County area. Stay tuned, Sheriff Beck will not be silenced. Please contact us if you know of a venue we can rent.

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The Washington Times today reported that ICE raided the Ohio plant of Koch Foods and apprehended more than 160 illegal alien employees.

Koch Foods, a poultry processor, has the headquarters of its International operation at 1300 Higgins Rd., Park Ridge, Illinois.

At their website,, they are lamely claiming that they are now co-operating with federal authorities.

How much did the taxpaying citizens of Ohio have to pay to educate the children of their illegal alien employees? How much did they have to pay for emergency medical care for Koch’s illegal hires?

How many Americans were denied sustainable jobs because the corporate fatcats at Koch

Foods opted to hire cheap, illegal foreign nationals?

The phone number of this criminal enterprise is:
847/384-5940 or
Koch Foods
1300 Higgins Road
Park Ridge, Illinois

Posted by: politwriter | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 01:56 PM

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If common logic were to rule and the right of assembly on private property were to require a security bond while the protesting organizations on public property were not…

Then The Planned Foetuscide people would have to put up a bond any time there was a prayer vigil.

Posted by: pete speer | Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 04:08 PM

Tomorrow, the comments for

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