Message of the Day – A License Plate

We were following an old Ford pick-up truck in Mattoon, I think, trying to find our way to Interstate 57 after Catherine Morrison’s wedding to Jeff Black.

Even my wife agreed this license plate deserved a photograph, which she took. (She is sometimes resistive to shots I want to take.)


I wondered what it meant.

Was the guy a butcher?

While we were in McDonald’s drive-through line, I expressed my inability to understand what the license plate meant.

As we got my 10-year old two Big Macs (It’s the sauce, Dad), my wife told me it meant the man “ate meat.”

The simple ones are sometimes tough for me.

And, is it topical or what, with the Fox River Grove school teacher pushing his vegetarian views on his students. The Northwest Herald has stories here and here.

The comments had disappeared for the first article when I linked to it, but the ones to the other one might give you some smiles on a slow Saturday.

Here is the Daily Herald story.


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  1. Brian, Brian, Brian. Had to take you comment down.

    I think it more likely he like steak.

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