Northwest Herald Provides Equal Promotion Placement to Immigration Proponents

The Illinois Minuteman Project had a top of the front page story on Monday and the McHenry County Peace Projects was on last Sunday, but why quibble?

The two advocacy groups basically had equal coverage.

Now, let’s see if the Crystal Lake Police Department demands $3,500 from the peace group for its Thursday, September 13th 7 PM meeting.

I understand it did from the Illinois Minuteman Project before it could meet at the Holiday Inn.

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Rosanna Pulido, Executive Director of the Illinois Minuteman Project emailed me that “the Police Dept did not ask the Illinois Minuteman Project for 3,500 dollars for extra police. They told the Holiday Inn they would have to foot the bill. That is why they (Holiday Inn) told us we could not meet.”

Correction duly noted.

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