Park District Wins Pride in Crystal Lake Award from Chamber of Commerce

Before the Crystal Lake Park Board meeting got to the official business on its agenda, newly named Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce President Gary Reece presented the Crystal Lake Park District with its “Pride in Crystal Lake Award.”

Reece particularly singled out Superintendent of Recreation Jack Sebesta for his role in putting on the CABA World Series.

Here’s what’s on the plaque:

The P.I.C.A.
Pride in Crystal Lake Award
is presented to

The Crystal Lake Park District

By the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce
and Shafer Builders, Inc.

For a tremendous job of
“stepping up to the plate” and
preparing the fields and parks
for the annual CABA World Series.
Because of their Pride in Crystal Lake,
people from across the country and
around the world get to play
on their field of dreams.

August 2007

Sebesta emphasized that without the work of Superintendent of Parks Dennis Jahnke the event would have been impossible.

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