Name Surfaces for McHenry County Minor League Team

The McHenry County Coyotes.


Don’t believe me?

Read on.

I am so pleased that competent researchers are adding to the sum total of knowledge about McHenry County College’s baseball stadium proposal.

One is Jerry Fleming, a piece by whom was published earlier.

Now, Fleming has come up with a November 27, 2000, Chicago Sun-Times article which mentions a subsidy for a minor league baseball team in McHenry County.

And Frontier League Commissioner Bill League is right in the middle of the article pitching for a $25 million subsidy for 11 cities, including—would you believe?—Crystal Lake.

The article says Lee’s leagues “is in the process of getting franchises in Waukegan and Crystal Lake.”

And, then there is this sentence:

Another Frontier League team, the Crystal Lake-based McHenry County Coyotes, would get $2 million toward its facility.

Even McHenry County State Rep. Jack Franks is quoted in the story:

“Regardless of a $2 million bone to McHenry County, I still think it’s wrong. I wouldn’t vote for it even if they gave $2 million for a stadium to be built .If someone wants to build a minor-league stadium, let them build it with private funds.”

Franks is not known to have commented on McHenry County College’s publicly financed minor league baseball stadium.

“I found it interesting that Kane County Cougar was targeted to receive money ($3 million), since the college talks about what a success they have been. Then why did they have a need to be subsidized by the taxpayers back in 2000?” Fleming asks.

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You of course recognize Warner Brothers Wiley Coyote.

The other picture is of Pete Heitman after one of the secret meetings to discuss “trade secrets” (no really; that’s the excuse given not to release the tapes of this meeting) with the McHenry County College board. It is unknown if Heitman was involved in the McHenry County Coyotes effort in 2000, but wouldn’t that make a great name for a team whose promoters are scavenging from us McHenry County College taxpayers?

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