A Third McHenry County Seal Possibility

That north side of Crystal Lake blogger Allan Showalter has so much time on his hands now that he is recuperating from effects of compulsive exercising that he keeps coming up with different ideas for a new McHenry County seal.

I’m intent on stringing his humor into as many stories as possible, but if you insist on getting sore from laughing, you can read the original article on Heck of a Guy blog right here.

His first—and, yes, there are more than one, so stay tuned, county board members who treasure imagination—article is entitled,

Sealed with a Dis

In any event, I started out the speculation about what the county board would come up with for a new seal with something from 1977. It’s just a seal with ball, a top hat and cane that was produced on state time with state materials by a bored public information officer at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Showalter thought it shallow, so he waded in deeper. Little did he know that McHenry County politics is so muddy that one may well be sucked in so deep that one cannot escape. Sort of like quick sand in a bad movie.

He suggested a variation on The Seventh Seal.

You can see his next suggestion is “McHenry County – Blogger’s Paradise.” That’s what is proposed around the outside of the seal.

Inside is “A Target Rich Enrichment” with a flash camera, presumably in honor of the effort to ban flash picture taking at McHenry County Board meetings after I irritated some heavy hitters on the board, including Chairman Ken Koehler.

Believe it or not, Showalter offers up this replacement seal idea as a “peace offering” after suggesting I was horning in on his territory—humor.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an exact quote, make easy by computerized copying and pasting technology:

Despite the joy these activities appear to bring Cal, not once have I tried to horn in on his action – because I respect the implicit understanding between our blogs: He does the heavy duty muckraking; I crack wise.

He seems to think that I need to keep to the serious side of things, like wondering if the Gay Games would pay up for all the police protection, while he was reporting on “a compromise solution (warning: lots of double entendre) [to the question of allowing the Gay Games Rowing Event to take place on Crystal Lake] was discussed, faltering only when local builders could not commit to completing construction of the closet surrounding the lake by July.”

Then he calls my almost being arrested “slapstick.”

Can you image reducing this situation to “slapstick”?

You have to read it to believe it:

Now, it is true that I can’t resist Cal’s slapstick. His routine with the police escorting him from the school board meeting for taking pictures, laughing loudly in a hallway, and suspicion of intending to somehow photograph super-secret school documents is deservedly recognized as a classic. So, I’m willing to tolerate the occasional County Seal pun – and a funny anecdote now and then. But, again, in general, it’s

  • Cal Skinner – Muckraking
  • DrHGuy – Wisecracking

I admit that I liked Showalter’s wanted poster so much that I requested and actually received permission to post it on McHenry County Blog.

So, I guess the new seal suggestion makes sense.

But, does Alan Showalter end there?


There will be more to endure.

Just you wait, even if your name isn’t Henry Higgins.

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