A New McHenry County Seal – The Resolution

Ever wondered how a boring “Whereas” this and “Whereas” that and the unstated, but usually true, “Whereas” we are paying some lawyer a bundle to write something no one can understand resolution would sound in other motifs?

Heck of a Guy
blogger guy Allan Showalter has.

The blogger has written a short skit to explain Tina Hill’s Management Services Committee resolution seeking permission from the McHenry County Board to those who do not understand that stilted “Whereas” stuff.

Here’s the last part:

Parent: OK, Sweetie. Just be careful about the design. Remember how much trouble Los Angeles County got into about that cross.

Stage instructions: McHenry/McHenrietta rolls eyes and extends an open palm for the credit card.

McHenry/McHenrietta: D’oh.

You have to go to Heck of a Guy to read the first part.

Just remember.

This is important stuff the county board is doing.

And, so are articles like this.

What else could I be doing?

Running for county board so I could earn an easy $20,000 a year, plus health insurance?

If that kind of money for a part-time job interests you, petitions can still be circulated to get you on the ballot. You can get them from the McHenry County Clerk’s office.

You, too could be designing a new seal.

This one is boring.

Designing a new seal is probably less boring than attending a McHenry County Board meeting.

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