Minutemen Are Back with Sheriff Dan Beck Seminar

And at McHenry County College, would you believe?

The Minuteman’s last scheduled seminar was pretty much shut down by the Crystal Lake Police’s informing the Holiday Inn that it would cost $3,500 for police services because of the McHenry County Peace Group’s announced demonstration at the intersection of Three Oaks Road and Route 31.

Subsequently, the Peace Group held a seminar on immigration at MCC.

Now, the Minuteman Project has apparently gained similar access to college facilities.

At least that’s what the following press release leads me to believe:

The Illinois Minuteman Project welcomes
Sheriff Daniel Beck to McHenry County College!

Friday Oct 26Th 2007 From 6:30-10pm

We are excited to bring Sheriff Daniel Beck and his deputies to tell us how they are enforcing existing laws and curbing illegal immigration in Allen County, Ohio.

With the Federal Government telling Waukegan, Illinois that it will be 2 years before Waukegan Police Officers get to attend training for 287G, we obviously need different answers!

Sheriff Beck has them!

He will talk to us about his program and how he simply uses the laws on the books to deport people who are in the United States unlawfully.

Fox News National will be doing a piece on Sheriff Beck and his work in Ohio in the next few weeks! We will be looking forward to that. Sheriff Beck’s message must get out to the over 50 cities ready to enact 287G training and are being told about this delay because of funding.

Tickets for the Oct 26Th 2007 6:30-10pm event will go on sale Oct 1st 2007

Tickets are 10 dollars for members of the Illinois Minuteman Project, and Members of FAIR and Members of Numbers USA. (MEMBERSHIP HAS IT’S REWARDS!)

Tickets for all others are 50 dollars apiece. No tickets will be sold at the door.

All attendees will be asked to sign in the day of the event with a picture ID.

Other speakers will include Dave Gorak from Numbers USA.

We have extended an invitation to State Senator Pam Althoff and also Crystal Lake
State Rep Michael Tryon to address the audience.

Hope to see you there!!

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