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Community Alert

Traffic and safety, plus environmental concerns and noise effects on the neighbors led to the Planning & Zoning Commission’s unanimous vote to reject the expansion of MCC to build a huge sports and entertainment facility for a private commercial enterprise.

This is only an ADVISORY vote and the final decision will be made by the City Council on Tuesday, October 16. They often overturn the Planning & Zoning advisory vote. So…it is of vital importance that we contact The City Council members and the Mayor and urge them to support the unanimous vote of the Planning & Zoning Commission by rejecting the MCC petition AND it is important that we show up at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 16 to be heard and to be seen!! Please be there so we can fill City Hall, like we did the first time in August when we heard about the sports & entertainment project.

Crystal Lake City Council

Ellen Brady Mueller (815) 477-4502

Kathy Ferguson (815) 477-7254

David Goss (815) 455-3365

Brett Hopkins (815) 477-4703

Jeff Thorsen (815) 455-5452

Ralph Dawson (815) 459-5983

Aaron Shepley (815) 477-4761

Attend the October l6th City Council meeting

7:30 pm City Hall

Questions? Contact Rosemary Kurtz 815-459-8139

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