Bonus of Being a Hunter

I may have mentioned earlier that I thought gun control advocates, if they really believed in what they espoused, would put “No Guns Within” on signs outside of their homes.

Now comes some evidence that at least one crook or set of crooks were scared away by hunting equipment.

At least in Oak Forest.

My nephew is a hunter and a fisherman.

Goodness knows what he stores in his garage. Probably targets at a minimum.

The crooks broke into his wife’s car, which was parked in the driveway. They used her garage door opener to open the garage enough so they could roll under it.

Apparently, whatever they saw in the garage was enough to convince them that they might be wise to select another victim.

I wonder if they would have gone that far had they known he has a black belt in judo.

So, hunters, the moral of this story is make it obvious that you might have a gun in the house.

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