“Does McHenry County College Need a Stadium?”

Hey, it’s not my question.

Although I would admit it is a good question.

It was a headline on a late March article by Patrick Garmoe in the Daily Herald way back in March 19th.

And anyone in doubt about how Mayor Aaron Shepley is going to vote should have none after reading the following from the article:

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley loved the idea because it would bring people and tourism dollars to the town but said the city wouldn’t spend tax dollars on it.

“I think it would be good for the college. I think it will be good for Crystal Lake and McHenry County,” Shepley said. “It’s all positive.”

Judging by how successful minor league baseball has been in Schaumburg and Kane County and how popular it’s become with families, Shepley said his city is ripe for something like this.

“It would be a very good thing for the community, no question,” he said. He also has no doubt that there are plenty of people in the county to support it.

Keep repeating the mantra:

It’s all positive…It’s all positive…It’s all positive…It’s all positive…

Then, click your heels and you’ll be back to gridlock on Route 14.

= = = = =
The picture is of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley.

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