Algonquin "Rightwing Nuthouse" Blogger Rick Moran Takes on the Bigger World


But his Rightwing Nuthouse blog, which just celebrated its third birthday, featured a long article on Algonquin almost two weeks ago.

A sample is here on Rightwing Nuthouse, but for the full article, you have to go to Pajamas Media.

“Getting caught up in earth-shaking events and the personalities that shape them is all well and good,” Moran writes.

“But there are times when instead of peering at the monitor, gleaning the latest news from thousands of miles away, we should be looking out the window instead. What’s going on in your community? Your neighborhood? Next door?”

Here’s a sample of his views:

“I bone up around election time in order to at least familiarize myself with the issues on the ballot and the candidates for office. I know, for instance, that the rapid growth of my little village has caused enormous problems for the part time village board that tries gamely to deal with issues like school overcrowding, horribly congested roads, and a tax base that doesn’t generate enough revenue to deal with these and other problems.

“And then there is the interesting relationship between local politicians and the evil developers who seek to fill up all the green spaces in my beautiful little town with row upon row of cookie cutter houses and truly ugly townhomes. Some enterprising reporter for a local paper could probably win a Pulitzer by ferreting out the story of how these developers are able to sway local lawmakers to grant them the permits to build willy nilly, eating up open ground, cutting down the few remaining stands of trees in order to satisfy the insatiable appetite of commuters who continue moving further and further north from Chicago to escape the overcrowding, the expense, and the danger of the nearer suburbs.

“Algonquin is one of the new ex-urbs – a place where young families come seeking less expensive housing, quiet, safe neighborhoods, and good schools only to discover that within a matter of a few years, lots of other people had exactly the same idea as they did, making their dream a nightmare of underfunded schools and overused roads, strained sewer and water facilities, and a rising crime rate that threatens their peace and security.”

You might well find the rest of the article of interest. It’s here on Pajamas Media.

And I would hope he would read the series of articles that the Daily Herald is running on school finance.

It might change his mind a bit.

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