McHenry County Defenders, Councilman Jeff Thorsen Urge Attendance at Tuesday’s Crystal Lake Council Meeting

The email alert below was sent out by the McHenry County Defenders Tuesday afternoon.

It follows a comment from Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen on McHenry County Blog this past weekend. (I also saw it on the Northwest Herald web site.) The comment follows:

Everone interested in the watershed and the proposed ordinance must do their best to attend the 10-2-07 meeting at 7:30 in the council chambers. Your input may only have this last opportunity. Does anyone know what the word “fewment” means? I am at once puzzled and amazed. Please let your voices be heard. ”

The email alert from the McHenry County Defenders follows:

Action Alert for Defenders Members who live in the City of Crystal Lake

Critical Crystal Lake Watershed Issue on Tues. Oct. 2 City Council Agenda

Please call your City Council to tell them to not adopt a Crystal Lake Stormwater Manual at their Tuesday night meeting–

1) They should wait for the Crystal Lake Park District to complete their independent review of the draft manual.

2) The manual still needs improvements recommended in the McHenry Co. Defenders’ Sept. 3 letter to the City Council

3) The manual needs to be accompanied by a comprehensive plan for the Crystal Lake watershed.

Phone numbers of City Council members:

Ellen Brady Mueller (815) 477-4502

Kathy Ferguson (815) 477-7254

David Goss (815) 455-3365

Brett Hopkins (815) 477-4703

Jeff Thorsen (815) 455-5452

Ralph Dawson (815) 459-5983

Aaron Shepley (815) 477-4761

Please also plan to attend the Oct. 2 meeting at City Hall. The meeting starts at 7:30 pm but the Stormwater Manual is last on the agenda so dress in layers for the cold room.

See the latest Defenders newsletter for background on this issue, or if you would like a copy of the Defenders Sept. 3 letter emailed to you, contact the Defenders office at

For members who live elsewhere, please let your friends and family in Crystal Lake know about this important issue.

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