Outside Engineers’ Watershed Ordinance Ready for Presentation to Crystal Lake Park Board Thursday

You can see in an article below a plea from Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen for people to attend Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

It begins at 7:30 and has approval of the new watershed ordinance on the agenda.

Funny thing.

Two days later, Thursday night, the engineers that the Crystal Lake Park District hired for a second opinion are scheduled to give their report.

And, there are recommendations for change.

So, why would the city council want to pass the watershed ordinance before the results of the second report are made public?

That seems to be a question worth asking each of the members of the city council, not to mention Mayor Aaron Shepley, who seems hell bent on rushing it through as fast as possible.

Oh, I almost forgot.

We all know the reason for the hurry.

McHenry County College has to start construction on its proposed minor league baseball stadium soon in order to have the ball games start when the promoters want them to start.

Shepley probably wants the ordinance in place so its being missing cannot be used to argue against zoning approval for the baseball stadium which he so fervently supports.

The phone numbers of the city council members are below in the McHenry County Defenders’ email alert.

Perhaps you will sign up to speak to the city council Tuesday night and ask why action on the watershed ordinance cannot be delayed for two weeks.

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The parcels colored yellow show where McHenry County College is in Crystal Lake’s watershed.

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