Crystal Lake Makes Front Page of Chicago Sun-Times

How often does that happen?

Apparently there is a parishioner at the old St. Thomas Catholic Church who didn’t like a homily (called a sermon in Protestant churches) Father Luis Alfredo Rios gave.

One Angel Llavona, a teacher at Maine West High School who lives in Algonquin, left a rather blunt voice mail expressing his feelings for the priest.

Later, the priest played the recording at two of the Spanish-speaking masses and asked, “What should we do? Should we send him to hell or to another parish?”

Llavona apparently hasn’t read that part of the old Testament that admonishes people to stay out of court.

He sued the priest and the church and the Rockford Diocese.

A member of the Anglo church figures that Father Rios was just making a joke at Llavona’s expense.

Can television be far behind?

And, if they come for the evening service they can get beautiful pictures like the one of the stained glass windows you see here.

You can read Stefano Esposito’s Sun-Times article here and the Daily Herald story here by Chuck Keeshan. Brandon Coutre’s Northwest Herald article is here.

The picture of the stained glass window can be enlarged by clicking on it. The image of the front page of the Sun-Times does not need enlargement.

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