The Seeker–The Dark Is Rising

Some would probably say that “The Seeker–The Dark is Rising” is one of your typical demonic man on a powerful horse planning to end the world in five days with only a 14-year old boy to stand in his way.

Of course, there are also your typical deals with the devil.

And the hero gains super powers as he finds the signs.

I probably would not have been tempted to take my 10-year old and his buddy to see this money Saturday night while his mother and friends were having a “Spa Night” at the Country Inn & Suites across Pingree Road, but we hear the children’s book’s author Susan Cooper interviewed on NPR’s “Morning Edition” on the way to school last week.

It won a Newberry Award

She hooked me with the story line of good versus evil.

And, that’s what it was–with a touch of Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”
Let me not scare you away with the reference to one of Hitchcock’s scariest movies. These birds are nowhere near as threatening.

How good was the movie, I asked on the way over to see if we could find the Moms in spa mode at the Comfort Inn and Suites?

“Five stars,” my son answered.

“Five stars,” his friend echoed.

What scene did you like best?

“The one with the fire,” my 10-year old replied.

It’s rated PG, but there is no inappropriate language, unlike what we found in the summer “Transformers” movie.

Not too scary, except when the birds crashed through the window, my son observed.

I liked the time travel scenes when the youth went to the Middle Ages to pick up “signs.”

The hero’s little sister brought back an adorable kitten.

My son liked the snake scene in the basement of the church and the cock fighting tavern scene when his brother…no that’s giving away too much of the plot.

Here’s the preview.

And, I think this is a video game.

After the movie, we had a snack at Culver’s, right across the street from the movie theater.

Oh, yes, there was the lost child subplot that made me think of my lost daughter Alexandra, but that wouldn’t be a downer for others.

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