Condemnation in the Vulcan Lakes TIF District

The Northwest Herald is running an article about the Vulcan Lakes Tax Increment Financing district.

Although Mayor Aaron Shepley promised there would be no condemnation of property in the Vulcan Lakes TIF district, there was. And eminent domain court action was taken before he said this to developer Bill Cellini during the questioning of potential developers of the property.

Here are his November 2, 2005, words:

“I can say this. At no time has this city council considered…using our condemnation authority in any TIF we have contemplated. If property owners have that concern, they are false.”

You can Shepley in his own words on this YouTube video:

If you want a longer version to put it context, click here.

And you can a Shepley photo with this cut line found in the Northwest Herald on January 8, 2007.

The title to McHenry County Blog’s January 18, 2007, article pretty much tells it all:

“What Was He Thinking? Mayor Aaron Shepley Votes for Condemnation Before He Opposes It”

On January 30, 2007, Shepley was still repeating his “No-o-o-o Condemnation” mantra.

Now, reporter Liz Wolgemuth quotes Shepley thusly:

“The property we’ve condemned is pretty critical to access.”


I pointed that out to the council during the TIF considerations. Vulcan still owns part of the entrance road where the train engine used between Harris Bank and Crystal Lake Tire. By the time one gets to the gate, the city owns maybe a foot or two of the road.

I asked them council members if they knew that, but got no reply.

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