Randi Scheurer Asks Military to Refuse to Attack Iran

A press release has arrived from 8th congressional district candidate Randi Scheurer. She is running against U.S. Representative Melissa Bean in the Democratic Party primary election. The press release follows:

Candidate Asks Military To Refuse Iran Attack

Congressional candidate Randi Scheurer (IL-8TH District) joined with dozens of prominent Americans in a petition asking the military to refuse any illegal order to attack Iran.

Her name appears on the masthead of the petition with those of country music legend Willie Nelson, literary icon Gore Vidal, Gold Star Mother Cindy Sheehan, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, radio host Thom Hartmann, and many others. Scheurer and Sheehan (CA-8TH District) are the only signers currently running for U.S. Congress.

The petition “respectfully” urges the “courageous men and women of our military, to refuse any order to preemptively attack Iran, a nation that represents no serious or immediate threat to the United States.” The signers state that attacking Iran, “a sovereign nation of 70-million people, would be a crime of the highest magnitude.”

Drawing on the Nuremberg Principles, the Army Field Manual, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the U.S. Constitution, and the UN Charter, the document makes the case why any “preemptive” attack on Iran would be an illegal order and a criminal act.

The signers have put themselves at significant risk, recognizing that “in violation of our First Amendment rights, we could be charged under remaining sections of the unconstitutional Espionage Act or other unconstitutional statute, and that we could be fined, imprisoned, or barred from government employment.”

They also expressly acknowledge the legal dilemma facing the military. “We make this plea, also aware that you have no easy options. If you obey an illegal order to participate in an aggressive attack on Iran, you could potentially be charged with war crimes. If you heed our call and disobey an illegal order you could be falsely charged with crimes including treason. You could be falsely court martialed. You could be imprisoned.”

Scheurer explains her willingness to take this risk. “We live in a country where we expect our soldiers to put themselves on the line — physically, legally, and morally — every day. How can we just sit back in the comfort of our homes and leave them hanging out there all alone?”

Two of her own children have served in the military, including a year in Iraq. Scheurer is a member of Military Families Speak Out, with thousands of other concerned relatives.

Citizens can read the petition and add their own names at: http://journals.democraticunderground.com/davidswanson/216

Randi Scheurer is a Democratic progressive peace candidate for Congress in the IL-8TH District. Her campaign website is FreeTheDemocrats.com.

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