Mayor Aaron Shepley’s Concern for Crystal Lake

In the meetings where the watershed ordinance was discussed, Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley makes clear his concern about the lake.

But, I wonder how sincere he is.

I just chanced upon the following January 29, 2006, article about lengthening Crystal Lake so it could be the rowing venue for the Olympics.

Below is what Shepley told the Northwest Herald when the Crystal Lake Rowing Club proposed the lake for Olympic consideration, pointing out

  • The West End would have to be dredged to 3 meters—about the depth when I was the only early morning fisherman on the lake the summer of 1958, which is doable–and
  • The lake would have to be lengthened about 100 meters.
“If it even became remotely possible,
I’d be tickled to tackle that one.
That sounds like
the closest thing to reality.”

So, I would pose this question:

If Mayor Shepley would even briefly consider such drastic physical changes to Crystal Lake for, what, a ten-day sporting event, how much does he care about the lake’s preservation?

This is as good a place as any to remind you that you can call your city council members, including the mayor, about McHenry County College’s baseball stadium zoning vote scheduled for the Tuesday night meeting that starts at 5:30. The phone numbers are here.

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