Northwest Herald Interviews for MCC Baseball Stadium Article

A Northwest Herald reporter has interviewed one of McHenry County Blog’s compatriots in opposing construction of a baseball stadium at McHenry County College.

McHenry County Blog’s readership pales by comparison, so the article will inform a lot of new people of why anyone could possibly oppose expansion of the college.

Of course, I think this dominant newspaper in McHenry County should have been taking a critical look at the financing of a long time ago, but I really welcome the coming article.

Although McHenry County’s dominant member of the media, on this issue it certainly did not play the role of “newspaper of record,” which people have come to expect.

The article–probably a Sunday one–might even provide political cover for enough Crystal Lake members to vote “No” to defeat the zoning proposal at Tuesday night’s 5:30 PM city council meeting at city hall.

And, of course, I can pass up the opportunity to point you to the phone numbers of city council members.

If you live in Crystal Lake and oppose the zoning change, you could be the deciding phone call. When you call, tell the reason or reasons you oppose the baseball stadium. (A number of the reasons are in this article.)

And, don’t just call the ones you know. Call them all, including the mayor.

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