Peloisi Fund Raiser for Melissa Bean Excuse for Jumping Bean Attack

It looks like the Illinois Republican Party has put McHenry County on its press release list. Here’s the latest on what the GOP has to say about San Francisco liberal House Speaker Nancy Peloisi appearing for the third time at a Melissa Bean fund raiser:

Have you seen the both sides of Bean?

Ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi to raise campaign cash
for self-proclaimed mainstream & moderate Melissa Bean

CHICAGO – The Illinois Republican Party today is asking a pertinent question of all voters in the 8th Congressional District: Have you seen the both sides of Bean?

The question is simple but the answer is a bit more complicated, as we continually witness two different sides of Melissa Bean unfurl every single day.

Confirming her hypocrisy once again, self-proclaimed “moderate” and “mainstream” Melissa Bean has invited extreme San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi to Chicago to raise money for Bean’s re-election campaign.

“I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has seen the both sides of Bean,” asked ILGOP Spokesperson Lance Trover. “Hopefully she will get the chance at their high-end fundraiser later this month in Chicago.”

A sample of Both Sides of Bean:

One side: Ran previous campaigns blasting opponents for accepting special interest money (Bean Release, April 2004)

Other side: A few short years later has taken approximately $3 million in special interest money (FEC Filing)

One side: Votes to rebuke super-liberal (Politico, 10/01/07)

Other side: Accepts over $80,000 from (FEC Filing, Politico, 10/01/07)

One side: Claims to be mainstream representative for 8th Congressional District
(Bean Website)

Other side: Invites San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi to Chicago to fundraise (Chicago Tribune’s Swamp, 10/11/07)

“The voters should start asking serious questions of Melissa Bean,” said Trover. “The first might be, ‘Why didn’t you invite Speaker Pelosi to the 8th District to raise money?’”

“Or just how many of Speaker Pelosi’s values do you agree with?” added Trover.

Melissa Bean and Nancy Pelosi will hit the stage together on October 19 at the Westin Hotel in Chicago.

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