Message of the Day – A Glass

Look what I found on ebay while looking up the McHenry County Clerk’s election result web site.

It’s a “McVote 1986” glass from McDonald’s.

And, you think sales taxes are high here at 6.5% (higher in Algonquin–7.25%–and Lake in the Hills–7%)?

The ebay seller points out that buyers from New York state must add 8.125% sales tax.

Of course, when Chicago Democrats have their way and raise out sales taxes 7.7% (one-half of a percentage point divided by 6.5%) to bail out the Chicago Transit Authority, our sales tax will be pretty high, too.

As a sop, half of the 7 hike will be given to local county board members–about $9 million a year of sales taxes extracted without our permission–to use for road building.

Of course, some of our legislations may give our permission for us by voting for the CTA bailout bill.

Governor Rod Blagojevich says he will veto the bill, but like his veto a property tax cap busting bill for a four cent per $100 special recreation real estate tax hike without a referendum, the governor veto it, but do nothing to encourage legislators sustain his veto.

So, like the kids in the cartoon “Family Circus,” he can say, “Not Me!”

And, Republicans will justifiably take the blame for the sales tax hike.

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