Skrukrud Making Water Presentation in Algonquin Thursday

Cindy Skrukrud, who did a lot of the heavy lifting in the fight to protect Crystal Lake’s fragile watershed, will present a program on McHenry County’s water resources on Thursday in Algonquin.

Skrukrud is chairman of the Defenders’ Water Resources Protection Committee, plus Clean Water Advocate for the Illinois Chapter of The Sierra Club.

Since McHenry County is 100% dependent on ground water, protection of the aquifers is particularly important. There will be no pipes running from Lake Michigan to this area.

Skrukrud will discuss both quantity and quality issues.

Village officials from Algonquin will be present to answer questions specific to Algonquin.

The meeting will start at 7 and be held at Beans & Books Coffee Shop, 215 South Harrison Street in Algonquin. South Harrison is the street east of Route 31 in downtown Algonquin, the only one between Route 31 and the Fox River.

This is one of those “you don’t have to let anyone know ahead of time to attend” meetings.

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