Electronic Data Base Denied Tim Schmidt Challenger

According to the following press release from Jim Krenz, running for state representative in the 49th district just south of the McHenry County line, the Illinois Republican Party is denying access Krenz access to an electronic data base maintained by the state party.

The headline says this means Schmitz and the GOP are afraid of Krenz’ candidacy. It is not uncommon for legislative leaders to assist challenged incumbent legislators in primary elections. Indeed, that is where I first met Schmitz—working on Park Ridge State Rep. Penny Pullen’s primary campaign. Schmitz now is a member of House Minority Leader Tom Cross’s official leadership team.

The lack of access to the data base is just another example of why incumbents are usually favored in primary elections.



CARPENTERSVILLE, IL October 17, 2007 – Republican candidate Jim Krenz, who is running for representative in the 49th District, sharply criticized the Illinois House Republican Organization today for refusing his campaign access to the party’s general voter information referred to as Voter Vault, which is a voter database developed by the Republican National Committee that captures valuable information about voters.

“This is really disheartening that the Republican Party would do this to simply protect a member of leadership from fair competition,” said Jim Krenz. “Competing and challenging others on their voting record and ideas is a good thing for our party, especially considering the beating that Republicans have taken in Illinois over the past several years.”

The member of leadership that Krenz is referring to is Republican Representative Tim Schmitz, who currently serves as Assistant Republican Leader. Krenz is currently running against Schmitz in the Republican Primary, which takes place on February 5, 2008.

“This action of the Illinois Republican Party sends a huge signal to our campaign that they and Schmitz are extremely scared of the momentum our campaign is making,” said Krenz.

“My opponent touts his role as a member of leadership in the Republican Party. I call on Tim Schmitz, as a leader in the Republican caucus, to overrule the decision of this staff member to deny my campaign fair and equal access, and not just for me but all Republican candidates in the State of Illinois.”

Krenz’s campaign followed the procedure outlined by the state party by filling out an application and submitting it to gain access to the voter information, commonly made available to most other Republican candidates. After a month of no answer, the campaign attempted to contact the House Republican Organization only to be told that access is only allowed for this race to Schmitz.

“Regardless of whether my opponent shows true leadership here, my campaign will continue to prove why I am the best opportunity for the 49th District to be represented in Springfield. The voters of the 49th District will see how Schmitz has voted to raise taxes in the amount of one hundred million dollars, sided with Planned Parenthood and liberal Democrats to make it harder for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to counsel women and gave illegal immigrants in-state tuition at taxpayer expense.”

Jim Krenz is running for the Republican nomination for State Representative in the 49th District. Krenz, a lifelong resident of the Fox Valley region, is running his election on important issues such as pro-life, lower taxes, slashing government waste, opposing illegal immigration, supporting 2nd amendment rights and reforming the current health care situation. One day after his announcement to seek the Republican nomination in the 49th District, Krenz pledged to wave his legislative pension if elected because it was a waste of tax payer dollars and unfair to the general public to have to pay for it. The Primary Election will take place on February 5, 2008. The 49th District covers St. Charles, Geneva, South Elgin, Elgin, Hampshire, Gilberts, West Dundee, Carpentersville and other communities in Northern Kane County.

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