Dissatisfaction Expressed with Sheriff Keith Nygren at MCC Minuteman Meeting

Arguably, McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren is the most powerful politician in McHenry County.

He won a bruising primary fight against Tom Sanders and has not faced Republican or Democratic Party opposition since.

His campaign fund had $110,453.07 in the bank at the end of June and he’s not even running for office.

Nygren is reported to have backed out at the last moment from being emcee at State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s re-election campaign. That had a noticeable chilling effect.

Although meeting leader Rosanna Pulido, who is not a McHenry County resident, from telling the audience, which had a lot of McHenry County residents,

”We want to show you the difference (between Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck and Nygren.)

“You have a sheriff that goes to Mexico for sensitivity training.

“It’s been in the paper, folks.

“Judges are going to Mexico for sensitivity training.

“There’s a lot of Hispanic businesses that are organizing this.”

In the question and answer period, attorney Suzanne Walters asked,

“If people were interested in putting press on our sheriff, (how can we do it)?

I was taking pictures instead of taking notes while Sheriff Beck gave a pretty diplomatic answer.

But, the fact the question was asked by the daughter of McHenry County College Trustee Barbara Walters seems significant to me.

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