Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Dated August 5-7, 2004, this tee shirt is from the AWD/VLK 5th Annual K-9 Olympics.

The events seem to have been

  • Area Search
  • Tracking
  • Detection
  • Hard Dog/Fast Dog
  • Obedience
  • Control
  • Obstacle Course
  • Building Search

I saw on the back of the coach of the McHenry Marlins who is a K-9 officer for the Lake in the Hills Police.

He not only is the K-9 officer, but he raises and trains search dogs, too.

He told me that he would bring one of his dogs to the pool one day so the children could become familiarized with it.

He has another tee shirt that I can’t wait for him to wear when I have a camera handy. The story behind it will make you sad.

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