Only 63% of McHenry County Precincts Have GOP Committeeman Candidates

Friday afternoon only 41% of the county’s precincts had Republican candidate for precinct committeeman. After the filing period ended Monday afternoon, “only” 37% remained empty.

Contests have popped up in a couple of more precincts. There are now seven precincts with Republican Party candidates.

Here they are:

Algonquin 46 – Kathleen R. DeRaedt, 341 Alicia, versus Cary Grade School Board member Chris Jenner, 540 Spruce Tree Lane, both in Cary.

Algonquin 47 – William Charles Miller, 708 Merrimac, versus Rebecca M. Lee, Ivanhor, both of Cary. Lee is Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s and McHenry County Board member Anna Miller’s daughter.

Algonquin 62 – James D. Kelsch, 700 Southwick Dr., versus District 300 School Board member John Ryan, 740 Roaring Brook, both of Algonquin.

Grafton 2 – Former Lakewood Village President and Crystal Lake Park Board President J.S. “Scott” Breeden, 220 Richmond Lane, versus former Algonquin Township Supervisor Robert B. Vorisek, 1610 Broadway, both from Lakewood.

McHenry 1 – Brendan Murphy, 3819 Lincolnshire Dr. in McHenry, versus Ringwood Village President Richard E. Mack, of 5207 Kaylins Way.

Nunda 14 – Lawrence Pollastrini, 701 Old Westbury Road, versus Patrick R. Collins, 733 Providence Lane, both in Crystal Lake.

Seneca 1 – Senca Township Supervisor Ersel Schuster, 15,214 Kishwaukee Valley Road, versus R. Mark Gummerson, 1225 Dublin Ct., both of Woodstock.


Only 63% of McHenry County Precincts Have GOP Committeeman Candidates — 2 Comments

  1. I’m famous!

    I got a call from a GOP official. He had been trying to get people to run, and somehow missed me. I dont think he was upset, just was wishing I lived in a place where he didn’t find a person to run!

    I plan to campaign to win, we will see how much the other guy wants it.

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