Lake County Forest Preserve Could Be Used for Olympic Equestrian Venue

McHenry County Blog doesn’t write about a lot of things in Lake County.

Because Carpentersville District 300 covers so much of southeaster McHenry County, sometimes we dip into Kane County, mainly the northern portion that I represented in the Illinois General Assembly during the 1970’s.

But, take a look at what is happening with the Lakewood Forest Preserve on on Route 176 a bit east of Wauconda.

I received the following email from Bob Friend that might be of interest to readers in Lake County. He points out that Forest Preserve District President Bonnie Thomson Carter (a county board member) is pushing to make the Lakewood Forest Preserve into the Equestrian Venue for the 2016 Olympics.


Here’s the email:

Many area people are still unaware of what’s happening re Lakewood Forest Preserve in neighboring Lake County, Illinois.

Bonnie Thomson Carter, president of the Lake Co. Forest Preserve District, has been leading the charge to ruin the largest preserve in the county in order to satisfy the build-anything-anywhere appetite of way too many local politicians. There are still far too many citizens who are clueless regarding these ill-conceived plans.


Our organization is fighting to stop the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee and wealthy benefactors from building a 15,000-seat stadium — AND MORE ! — in the heart of Lakewood.

Please check out our website:

We are all unpaid volunteers trying to juggle family, jobs and other activities against the well paid politicians who are pushing to build stuff the majority of people do not want. We continue to work to improve our website and other aspects of our organization.

We would greatly appreciate more people knowing about our situation. Preserving forests and open spaces should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind nowadays — but such is apparently not the case with our local county commissioners and others. Mayor Daley, for example, needs to realize that there is considerable opposition to locating a huge Olympic facility in Lakewood Forest Preserve.

Please consider passing along our website to friends of yours. This is not just a Lake County issue — many people in neighboring counties visit these preserves. We want to protect open lands and protected forests for all generations that follow us.


Bob Friend
P.O. Box 102 _ Island Lake IL _ 60042

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