Stadium Bids Come in Over Twice Estimate

You’d think that in this almost recession that building projects would come in near or under what architects and engineers think they should cost, wouldn’t you?

Not so.

The Kane County Board (in its role as the Kane County Forest Preserve District) wants to enhance the Kane County Cougars stadium. It’s names for long-time county board chairman Phil Elfstrom.

They want to add a second level for suites, more general seating, food service, administrative offices and ticket booths, according to Elgin’s Courier News.

The paper reports that the board has “been looking at a project of about $4.7 million, with an overall budget of $5.4 million.”

Maybe the $5-6 million cost estimate was made by politicians, not architects and engineers.

In any event, the two companies bidding came in at $12.1 and $12.5 million.

Upgrading Elfstrom Stadium was going to cost more than the original cost of the McHenry County College baseball stadium.

And five or six times as much as the one announced for Harvard. You remember, the one that was going to be built with private money.

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Picture of Elfstrom Stadium from Ballpark Digest.

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