The Truth Is Out

The Sunday before last Sun-Times columnist Zay Smith led with “The Blog Readibility Test.”

Using it, one can supposedly determine the level of education that a blog appeals to.

Hey, I thought.

I have a graduate degree.

I wonder what at level I am writing McHenry County Blog.

So I typed in www/

You can see what turned up.

Well, that was when my spelling skill peaked.

I actually won an 8th grade spelling bee.

Actually, it wasn’t for the whole 8th grade.

It was just for my class at Olympus Jr. High School in what was southeastern of Salt Lake City, Utah.

That was in 1956, the year the gym teachers wanted us to dance to “Heartbreak Hotel.” Or, maybe, they wanted to dance to it.

Over 50 years ago.

Have any problem understanding this article?

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