Daily Herald Crowns New King of Dysfunction

In Saturday’s Daily Herald, editorial writers convey the “dysfunctional local government” title on …

Drum roll, please.

Hold your breath.

Make a guess.

You are C-O-R-R-E-C-T!!

It’s Huntley School District 158.

New leader of dysfunction

Carpentersville and East Dundee have officially given up their mantles as the most embarrassing, dysfunctional public bodies in the area. The new standard bearer is now Huntley School District 158, where recording devices mysteriously never seem to work and where all pretense of civility has been lost. The name-calling has risen to opponents being labeled “terrorists” and threats of physical violence have been admitted. Great lessons for the impressionable kids.

So much for the high hopes I had when CPA Tony Quagliano was appointed to the school board the summer before last.

First the ruling majority faction of five, plus the superintendent.

On the top row are Huntley school board members Kevin Gentry and Mike Skala, along with School Superintendent John Burkey.

On the second row appear the rest of the ruling majority bloc, school board members Kim Skaja, Tony Quagliano and Shawn Green.

Now, the minority bloc:

On the bottom row are school board members Aileen Seedorf and Larry Snow, very definitely in the minority.

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