Ken Arnold Goes After Greenberg’s Stand on Socialized Medicine

8th congressional district Republican primary candidate is taking his fight to the opponent who has received the most endorsements from party officials, Steve Greenberg.

Arnold, who knows employee benefits, criticizes Greenberg’s stand on “Socialized Medicine” in the following press release:

Ken Arnold Questions Greenberg’s Stand Supporting Socialized Medicine

Gurnee, IL: Republican congressional candidate in the 8th District, Ken Arnold, today issued a press release, with clear evidence from a recent Washington based newsletter that quotes opponent Steve Greenberg as being in support of the Democrat’s current efforts to greatly expand SCHIP coverage to include most children, among others in the United States, with government sponsored healthcare.

Mr. Arnold states:

“My opponent, Mr. Greenberg, at the very least was recently – and seriously – in error to state his support of this legislation for socialized medicine which good Republicans universally oppose OR he is seriously in support of socialized medicine and Democrat Party efforts to implement such within this legislation.”

Candidate Arnold then stated:

“Either way, he has greatly confused 8th District voters since, at every meeting within the District discussing this, and even within his website, he has espoused that we should not turn to socialized medicine. Mr. Greenberg even chides Melissa Bean on supporting socialized medicine in his recent letter mailed to voters. However: He obviously tells the people in Washington a totally different story than the people in the 8th District…”

The newsletter, The Hill.Com, published an article this October that extensively reported on Republican’s universal opposition to SCHIP legislation – legislation that would have provided government healthcare to all children in homes having annual incomes of up to $88,000. Mr. Greenberg was the lone Republican quoted in support of SCHIP legislation – even chiding the Democrats for, essentially, not “making it happen”.

The article stated:

“In contrast to other GOP candidates, businessman and minor-league hockey player Steve Greenberg, running against Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.), endorsed the SCHIP bill. ‘As a nation, we must ensure that all American children have access to high-quality healthcare,’ he said in an e-mail. ‘I support H.R. 976, the CHIP Reauthorization Act, because it moves our nation closer to achieving this goal.’”

Greenberg, however, faulted Bean and the Democratic leadership for the standoff between Congress and the White House.”

In stark contrast, Mr. Arnold – a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist who has designed and managed healthcare plans for tens of thousands of employees – reiterated his staunch opposition to socialized medicine saying:

“I can fix much of the problems we have in our national healthcare crises…it is a major reason I am running. In desperation, we must never turn to the disaster of having government provided healthcare! Just ask veterans about the quality and hassles of their veteran healthcare services – and then think about how simple, common citizens would fair in such a system!”

He points to his Comprehensive Healthcare Information Program (CHIP) and Prescription Equality Act (PEA) initiatives as just two solutions that will greatly help both the cost and quality of healthcare – without turning to government programs that Mr. Greenberg espouses and even higher taxes.

On the part of all 8th District voters, Ken Arnold demands an explanation of how Mr. Greenberg would “vote for it…before he’d vote against it” regarding the socialized medicine initiatives of the Democrat Party under the SCHIP legislation and Steve Greenberg’s two, totally opposite stands on the issue. He points out the clear statements told to this Washington, D.C. publication versus all of Mr. Greenberg’s statements before Republican voters within the District.

For more information, or to donate to Ken Arnold’s campaign for Congress, citizens may either log onto his website at or call the campaign at 847-207-1167.

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