The McHenry Rorshach Inkblot Seal Suggestion

Crystal Lake blogger Allan Showalter (Heck of a Guy) has come up with a seal that might please everyone. I’m glad he spelled “Rorshach” because, despite four years of German, I don’t think I could have gotten it right.

It allows anyone to see whatever he or she wants to see in its center.

Personally, I see a bat which the McHenry County Board will use to resurrect its McHenry County Republican Cat Tax.

Here is how Showalter describes it:

“I briefly considered an ambiguous design that each individual would perceive by his or her individual psychopathology and even sketched a prototype, the so-called McHenry Rorshach Inkblot Seal.

“But I quickly recognized the wisdom of that old Ozarks folk saying,

Internalized parental imagoes are difficult enough to stabilize intrapsychically; on a county seal, the countertransference is a bitch, and eliminated that model as candidate.

“That near-miss, however, led to the obvious alternative. If unconscious transformations of ones perceptions of the seal don’t work, perhaps conscious adaptations would. And thus was born …”

To be continued.

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