Huntley School District Fined by IRS, Teachers Retirement Fund, Owes for Workers Comp, But Gets More State Aid; Net Loss About $13,000

In her Monthly Fiscal Report, Comptroller Stacie Talbert reported that Huntley School District 158 paid two tax penalties for March 31 and June 30, 2007 in the amounts of $824 and $4,018, respectively.

This was done, “in order to avoid further collection activity,” the December 13th report said.

In another memo, Talbert reported that the Teachers Retirement Fund sent a penalty notice for $4,624.49.

“A request to waive the penalties was submitted to TRS December 4, 2007 and the District was contacted by TRS December 5, 2007 that” all but $847.13 had been waived.

With regard to unpaid Workers Compensation, “The District received notification…of payroll earnings (estimate versus actual) for 2005-2006 and an adjustment that needs to be paid in the amount of $77,476.

Offsetting these expenditures was an upward adjustment in State Aid to Education of $70,179 for 2006-2006. This followed an audit by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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