Another Honest Republican Governor

I guess I didn’t realize that Alaska was a corrupt state.

Oh, I know about the investigation of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.

But indelibly etched in my mind is Governor Walter Hickel’s getting into trouble for renting a building from a campaign contributor.

“Does a building ever get rented from a non-campaign contributor in Illinois?” I thought at the time.

Former Governor George Ryan is now in that prison near the Wisconsin Dells because of deals involving campaign contributors, but I don’t remember the U.S. Attorney’s proving Ryan got any money personally from state landlords.

Thursday the Chicago Tribune featured a second (see story about the first one) Republican governor building a reputation on being honest. It’s in an Associated Press story by Steve Quinn.

She is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

She’s 43, took office in 2006 and, as Claremont political scientist put it,

“What separates her from others is that at a time when Republicans have suffered from the taint of corruption, she represents clean politics.”

She’s got four kids, the youngest six years old.

Where is Illinois’ Sarah Palin when we need her?

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