Will Jesse White Flip?

All the members of the Democratic Party machine were lined up when Governor Rod Blagojevich promoted former State Comptroller and Attorney General Roland Burris to national prominence by naming him Barack Obama’s replacement in the United States Senate.

Maybe slightly surprising was that fellow African-American Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said he would not process the paperwork for Burris’ selection.

His joining the white politicians was only mildly surprising, however.

After all, White’s mentor was former Cook County Board President and McHenry County farm owner George Dunne.

So, the chances of Jesse White reversing himself and agreeing to sign Blagojevich’s selection paperwork is far, far less than his Jesse White Tumblers will continue to perform spectacular flips.

= = = = =
The flip above occurred in Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade in 2007.

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