Ersel Schuster Shares Answers to Woodstock Independent McHenry County Board Questionnaire

6th district Republican Party county board candidate Ersel Schuster has agreed to share her answers to newspaper questionnaires with the readers of McHenry County Blog. On previous days, Schuster’s answers to the Chicago Tribune, Northwest Herald and Daily Herald have appeared the past three day. Today’s questionnaire is from the Woodstock Independent.

The Woodstock Independent
McHenry County Board candidate biographical questions
Feb. 5, 2008 Primary Election

1. Why are you running for a county board seat?

“McHenry County faces tremendous challenges: transportation, groundwater protection, development and numerous other issues. Through my longstanding community involvement I have the background, experience, understanding of the position and the time to fairly represent my district and the issues facing the county.

“My concern is the over-reach of government in attempting to be ‘everything to everyone’ at the expense of those paying the bill. I am committed to staying informed and educated on the issues and the related costs to the taxpayers.”

2. What qualities do you possess that would make you the best person for the job?

“Early education taught me that citizenship is our responsibility and that meant participation in the community. As a result, I stay involved in local issues and I participate by holding elected office at the county and township government levels.

‘I bring strong leadership skills, the demonstrated tenacity to research the issues, to make sensible decisions and the will to stand strong on behalf of the residents I represent. “

3. What is your plan for meeting the transportation needs in your district and the county?

“District 6 has the greatest number of county road miles; most of which are rapidly deteriorating.

“Over the past two decades, an inordinate amount of transportation dollars have been funneled to major road projects in the northeast and southeastern parts of the county.

“It is time for villages and municipalities, throughout the county, to assume the related costs of the development they promote. This would allow county road funds to become available for those county roads where major road repairs are needed to prevent further deterioration of this taxpayer investment.”

4. What are the most pressing social service needs in the county, and how would you address them?

“I do not subscribe to the theory that county government should be in the business of “social services.” Several governmental and private agencies deal with these needs. Realistically, county government should recognize and defer to the strengths of those dedicated agencies. In understanding this concept, services would not be duplicated

As to county government and the relationship between these theories; my goal would be to work at reducing the costs and inefficiencies of county government thus creating a stronger community with less dependence on social services.”

5. List one other issue that you feel is important to your district and McHenry County. Explain what you would do to lead the county board to address it.

“Preserving our agricultural base, our county’s largest industry, is a priority. This industry not only provides food product; it is also a major contributor to replenishing our groundwater supplies, life line to the region.

“All elected officials need to set aside the ‘political power struggle’ over the groundwater issue and truly understand the rationale for preserving the agricultural base. To not do so needs to have serious consequences. Elected officials from our villages, municipalities, and the county, must act responsibly as they pursue development, the underlying cause of the problem.”

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