At Least the Algonquin Countryside Noticed

Last Sunday McHenry County Blog posted copies of the five petitions that former Gary Pack assistant state’s attorney Kristen Foley passed for this year’s former assistant state’s attorney Gary Pack challenger Dan Regna.

They were notarized by none other that Republican County Chairman Bill LeFew, the one who, along with defense attorneys who want to be able to cut deals again, have spearheaded the dumping of first term State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

LeFew is the one who made the complaint public and LeFew is the one who anonymously mailed reprints of the article that instigated the complaint.

Thursday, the Algonquin Countryside’s Pete Gonigam gave evidence that he noticed.

Here’s what he wrote:

” Political observer Cal Skinner Sunday reported on his McHenry County Blog Web site that Foley had filed five petitions Oct. 29 to place Woodstock attorney Dan Regna on the upcoming Republican primary ballot.

“Foley’s letter of complaint against Bianchi was dated two weeks earlier, Oct. 15, and received Oct. 23. Bianchi and Regna are the only candidates running Feb. 5 for the Republican nomination for McHenry County State’s Attorney.”

The article further points out that Bianchi asked for the resignations of all employees when he took office, but re-hired Foley. She later resigned.

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