Roscoe Cunningham’s Pithy Journal

Every week former State Representative Roscoe Cunningham (R-Lawrenceville), my 1970’s legislative colleague, publishes “Roscoe’s Journal” in the paper he bought, The Sumner Press.

Since McHenry County is so far from Lawrence County, the paper usually takes a week to arrive.

When I read the following paragraph in his January 10th commentary, written after the New Hampshire primary, I started chuckling.

Maybe you will, too.

After the Obama Express came back down to earth, the candidate should have sent a one word telegram to Louis Farrakhan


Many find that powerful leader’s huge mosque on Stoney Island, Chicago, with the lighted Muslim crescent, inimical to the well being of this nation.

Cunningham has some views that some might find offensive, but he has such a way with words.

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