Daily Herald Reports on Write-In Candidacy for McHenry County Auditor

Richard Evans has not gotten more publicity for his write-in campaign since Algonquin Township Assessor Forrest Hare ran a successful write-in campaign for re-election after he was defeated in a 1973 GOP caucus in which a re-count was not allowed.

Hare won the election and the controversy stimulate the law that allows townships to select nominees by primary election, as well as the caucus method, which is controlled by party precinct committeemen.

No, I’m wrong.

Crystal Laker Mike Shorten ran as a write-in candidate for governor in 2006 and made the front page of the Northwest Herald. He got 98 votes statewide.

In any event, CPA Evans, who once ran for county board, has been noticed by the Daily Herald.

Four paragraphs resulted.

Here’s one:

” Evans, a certified public accountant who runs a tax service and performs risk-management audits as a consultant, was one of seven to apply for the auditor’s post in early 2006 after the resignation of Ruth Rooney, but he was bypassed in favor of (Pam) Palmer, at the time Rooney’s top deputy.”

On the Republican ballot are incumbent Pam Palmer and challenger Richard Kelly.

Palmer is aligned with McHenry County State’s Attorney challenge Dan Regna, as you can tell from her sign placement.

Kelly is on incumbent Lou Bianchi’s side.

I figure you win one write-in campaign in ten.

I’ve participated actively in two. Hare won his race for assessor with the active, week daily assistance of Mal Bellairs on WIVS-AM radio and tons of volunteers

But Crystal Lake Jaycee Vance Roberts lost his campaign for Crystal Lake city council when he challenged incumbent and fellow Jaycee Chuck Scott, who was moving to New Jersey, but remained on the ballot

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