Helping Out the New York Times

The Left Stream Media has not a clue what to do with Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

You know, of course, I ran for governor against Ron Blagojevich in 2002 as a Libertarian.

I got noticed in the LA Times magazine for my role in the fight against rape in prison, but my name was not mentioned the Sunday before the election in the Chicago Tribune.

So I watch for slights of “lost” candidates. Media bias, stuff like that.

During the New Hampshire primary, I was watching CNN.

That was the primary where Rudy Guiliani got 9% and Ron Paul got 8%. Guiliani’s name was on the pie chart, but Paul’s was not.

On the Democrats’ pie chart, Richardson had his name on the screen with only 1% of the vote.

That is about the most blatant media bias I have seen.

But, when the enclosed came from Scott Bludorn, the fun-loving field director of Illinois Ron Paul campaign, it brought out thoughts for what I have written above about CNN’s blatant bias.

You might think CNN was publicly financed and they thought Ron Paul had a chance to win and, when he did, would take away their tax subsidy, which he would, if they had one.

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