Dan Regna Putting Personal Funds into Campaign; Finances More Than Half So Far

Looks like the defense attorneys backing Dan Regna for McHenry County State’s Attorney aren’t putting in enough money.

Regna’s campaign fund reported a $3,000 loan from himself on Monday.

The same day he also received $500 from Robert and Margaret Dobson of Streit Road in Harvard.

Also reported yesterday, Republican Party Chairman Bill LeFew chipped in another $1,000, this time from his campaign. No personal, Regna knows nothing about this expenditure this time. Not at all like the anonymous mailing LeFew financed.

That’s $2,500 from LeFew so far and Regna has not reported the anonymous hit piece mailing yet.

Mathew and Jamie Voss of Flora Drive in Algonquin gave $1,000 on the 18th.

And on the 15th Citizens for Dan Regna is reported to have loaned Citizens for Dan Regna $1,500.

That, of course, makes no sense. My guess is that it is a loan from Regna to his campaign fund.

Expect an amended report to be filed.

$13,000 is similarly reported on Regna’s report for the last six months of 2007.

That will have to be changed, too.

Since I’m looking at Regna’s disclosure forms, let me add some detail for those six months.

If the $13,000 is from Regna, it means that that six-month’s $25,716 of campaigning (in which $25,716 was spent) was more than 50% self-financed.

Let’s look at the politicos helping Regna.

  • LeFew’s campaign fund gave $1,000 on October 2, 2007, and another $500 on November 13th.
  • Sheriff contributed $1,000 on October 1st, the day before LeFew’s first money.
  • The most politically active union locally, the Operating Engineers Local 150 headquartered in Lakemoor, contributed $250 on October 29th.

Now, let’s look at the individuals and companies that contributed over $150 during the last half of 2007.

  • Daniel Beio of Fitzgerald Lane in Huntley -$250
  • Anne Brophy of Prairie Ridge Drive, Woodstock – $300
  • Buss Ford of McHenry – $500
  • Glenn Gable, Kishwaukee Valley Road, Marengo – $250 (Gable, of course, ran unsuccessfully against Lou Bianchi for State’s Attorney in 2004)
  • Thomas Goode, Shadowwood Drive, Crystal Lake – $250
  • Gummerson & Rausch, Woodstock law firm – $255
  • Home State Bank, based in Crystal Lake – $250
  • George Kililis, E Terra Cotta Avenue, Crystal Lake $500
  • Former State Senator Richard Klemm, Minuteman Circle, Crystal Lake – $250
  • Ronald Korabik, Bull Valley Drive, Woodstock – $250.00
  • KRW Insurance, Memorial Drive, Crystal Lake – $250
  • Jeffrey Lezotte, 2145 Southport, Chicago – $250
  • Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart, a former deputy sheriff, Georgeanne Court – $200
  • Michling Hoffman Vinton & Plaza, Woodstock law firm – $250
  • Vince Nett, River Road, McHenry – $151 (Obviously a man who wanted his contribution reported.)
  • Robert Salazar, Brookside Way, Wonder Lake $200

Regna also has $5,316 in campaign contributions in amounts of less than $150.01. I would guess that Regna held a fund raiser where the suggested donation was $150 in order to be able to keep those contributors hidden. Just a guess.

But, you don’t finance a campaign as intense as Regna’s with $150 contributions.

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Thanks to Heck of a Guy blogger Allan Showalter, I am able to show you the slides of the rotating ad that Dan Regna is running in the Northwest Herald. I have made them bigger than they appear on my NW Herald screen.

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