Robert Abboud Hones His Stump Speech – 4

At the invitation of McHenry County Democrats, your intrepid reporter attended the Wednesday, January 16th, meeting of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in the Farm Bureau Building on McConnell Road.

The featured speaker and only candidate present allowed to talk was Robert Abboud, the party’s choice to challenge incumbent Republican Don Manzullo.

In today’s article Abboud talks about health care.

He told the story of taking his golden retriever to a vet for a cut. The dog required eight stitches for which Abboud paid $175.

He compared that with going to the emergency room at Barrington’s Good Shepherd Hospital to get eight stitches. Abboud said that cost $7,000.

He talked about how they open a kit, take out one item and throw the rest away and told of a humanitarian group that sends what they find in American hospital dumpsters to Africa.

Then, he took on the drug companies.

“You can’t negotiate with the drug companies,” he said, pointing to way the federal government buys prescription drugs.

“We can revamp health care.

“This is not nuclear science.”

Somehow, I think that latter phrase is going to be repeated throughout the campaign.

Tomorrow: Iraq

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