“Frankly, Del Webb, I Don’t Give a Damn”

With apologies to Clark Gable and “Gone With the Wind.”

The Huntley School District 158 school board came up with an interesting idea at a recent Committee of the Whole meeting.

Why hold all the meetings at the administration building?

Why not go from school to school?

The school board discussed following the example of the Carpentersville District 300 and holding meetings at various school buildings.

Crystal Lake’s Grade School District 47 does that. I’ve attended meetings at West and Hussmann Elementary Schools.

When the idea adding Del Webb to the school rotation was brought up by board member Larry Snow, there was adamant opposition from the five-member board majority.

Here’s what Jameel Naqvi wrote in his Daily Herald article:

“(Superintendent John) Burkey proposed the idea in response to board member Larry Snow’s suggestion that the board hold one-third of its meetings at Del Webb’s Sun City — in rough proportion to the amount of property taxes the Huntley community contributes to the district, according to Snow.

“Snow’s board colleagues rejected his idea of holding board meetings in Sun City — seen as a base of Snow’s support — in favor of meeting at District 158 schools.”

So, thirty percent of the property tax revenue in Huntley School District 158 comes from Sun City.

But there are no schools there.

That’s because there are no kids allowed.

Del Webb residents pay a lot of the freight, but get none of the benefits.

But, heaven forbid, let’s not encourage Del Webb residents to attend a school board meeting.

Or, by the way, allow it to be broadcast to all Sun City homes via their private broadcast network.


“Frankly, Del Webb, I Don’t Give a Damn” — 5 Comments

  1. Larry Snow is a heroic figure from some Greek Tragedy.

    His “mistake” seems to be his belief that his efforts will have any impact on the systemic corruption which has metastasized into virtually every school district.

    This corruption (most of it ‘legalized’) is too comfortable of a status quo to be questioned by complacent and complicit Board Members, oily Superintendents, dingbat soccer moms, their emasculated husbands, and lying politicians.

    Into this morass march a few heroic figures like Snow, attempting to pull up some rocks to see what matter of Roach scurries out from underneath.

    To the doped white mice of Illinois suburbs, this is an unforgivable affront to their narcissistic, somnambulist haze.

  2. Snow’s board colleagues rejected his idea because it would cost the school district money to rent out the Del Webb facility to hold board meetings there.

    And Cal, maybe you should get current… the district is working on streaming the video from the meetings. There was a limited test run for the last meeting. Guess your buddy Snow forgot to tell you that, huh?

  3. Extreme Wisdom, I’d like to see you go ten rounds with the “dingbat soccer moms” and the “emasculated husbands” that attend District 158 meetings.

  4. “But, heaven forbid, let’s not encourage Del Webb residents to attend a school board meeting.”

    Or, heaven forbid, Del Webb inmates take time out of their ‘busy’ schedules and come halfway across town to an open meeting, if they give such a hoot.
    Maybe they should close meetings with episodes of ‘Matlock’. That would get them to show…

  5. I’d love to go 10 rounds with anyone that defends the waste, fraud, and abuse in today’s public schools.

    To argue that all of the spending is warranted because it is “for the children” is absurd in the extreme.

    My descriptions, while rhetorically aggressive, fit perfectly for anyone who defends Illinois School District Waste and malfeasance.

    The citizens at Del Webb, probably have no problem at all paying “for and “educated populace.”

    On the other hand, when perks for pension pigs is called “education spending,” it is only reasonable that people question the waste.

    But then, the PTO, IFT, IASBO, IASB, etc etc axis of waste has thoroughly brainwashed most of the parental class into believing all the bureaucrats, geegaws, and baubles are “necessary.”

    Public Education in America has become “Big Edcuation” – just like “Big Oil”, only with more political protection and corruption.

    They spend over half trillion a year, with the results either flat or declining, and the parents attack the people who want to clean things up.

    10 rounds? I’ll tie half my brain behind my back.

    Step out of your denial. A mind is terrible thing to waste, and 1000s of minds and billions of dollars are even worse.

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