“Frankly, Del Webb, I Don’t Give a Damn”

With apologies to Clark Gable and “Gone With the Wind.”

The Huntley School District 158 school board came up with an interesting idea at a recent Committee of the Whole meeting.

Why hold all the meetings at the administration building?

Why not go from school to school?

The school board discussed following the example of the Carpentersville District 300 and holding meetings at various school buildings.

Crystal Lake’s Grade School District 47 does that. I’ve attended meetings at West and Hussmann Elementary Schools.

When the idea adding Del Webb to the school rotation was brought up by board member Larry Snow, there was adamant opposition from the five-member board majority.

Here’s what Jameel Naqvi wrote in his Daily Herald article:

“(Superintendent John) Burkey proposed the idea in response to board member Larry Snow’s suggestion that the board hold one-third of its meetings at Del Webb’s Sun City — in rough proportion to the amount of property taxes the Huntley community contributes to the district, according to Snow.

“Snow’s board colleagues rejected his idea of holding board meetings in Sun City — seen as a base of Snow’s support — in favor of meeting at District 158 schools.”

So, thirty percent of the property tax revenue in Huntley School District 158 comes from Sun City.

But there are no schools there.

That’s because there are no kids allowed.

Del Webb residents pay a lot of the freight, but get none of the benefits.

But, heaven forbid, let’s not encourage Del Webb residents to attend a school board meeting.

Or, by the way, allow it to be broadcast to all Sun City homes via their private broadcast network.

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