Something Marlene Lantz Does Not Understand

I read these incredible comments in Chuck Keeshan’s Daily Herald story Thursday about the Democrats carrying McHenry County:

“Coroner Marlene Lantz, an outspoken critic of the Bianchi administration, said she was skeptical of Bianchi’s olive branch and accused him of passing up earlier opportunities to settle their differences.

“’I really don’t know what to think of his public display,’ she said. ‘He’s had his opportunity to reach out to me, but he blew me off.’”

What Lantz does not seem to understand is that Bianchi now has a tested and dedicated campaign organization.

And, while the Democrats may come up with an opponent, without oodles of money, that opponent cannot be competitive.

Lantz’ supporters are the same ones who supported Roger Naylor for county board in District 6. Naylor ran 1,200 votes behind first place finisher Randy Donley and 500 votes behind Ersel Schuster, who finished second.

In short, having apparently alienated Bianchi himself, Lantz has now allowed Bianchi’s supporters in the most independent area of the county to learn of their dislike for each other.

That is a sure way to lose votes.

My conclusion is that Lantz is the one who is more likely to need to reach out than Bianchi.

After all, she has a former Crystal Laker funeral director with his name still on the door running against her.

Now living in Hebron, Dave Bachmann is also the only Democrat on the countywide ballot.

At least so far.

I still think Lantz has the woman’s five-percentage point advantage, but she also has an aggressive opponent.

What happens if he spends all those long summer days knocking on doors like Jack Franks did?

If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lantz ask Bianchi to send out an endorsement mailing.

At least to Republicans.

The question is would Bianchi do it?

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